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Our Story

A swirling petal in the breeze…
A stitch on the cloth..
An eyeful of dreams..
Each, a part of a whole..since,
All flowers are but petals aligned…
And all adornments just stitches combined…
And reality is just dreams defined….
As a family
As one
In Aikyam


The year, 1999 AD, marks the inception of our eponymous brand; also uniting the initials of Amita & Deepak in the AD of Anno Domini.

Aikyam, or unity, is the law of nature- working towards creating a confluence of ideas that support each other. And when ideas meet passion, true magic happens.

1999AD was borne out of a shared dream: to create a space for women, where they can express themselves through comfortable, practical and timeless fashion-one that brings out their inner leader.

In a world where the norm is ‘out with the old, in with new’, Amita celebrates her love for the richness of Indian culture- the threadwork, embroidery and karigari- a treasure trove of mastery that is truly the heritage of our illustrious past. We take contemporary silhouettes that work well for women, and infuse them with the elegance of Indian embroidery.

For 1999AD, a true expression of achievement is entitling others to explore their uniqueness via its passion.


Every morning, the first ray of sunlight, lights up dewdrops on the blades of grass that we witness on our walk. It reminds us of the immaculate zari embroidery our karigars treat the soft silk of our ensembles with.

Mother Earth nurtures and replenishes us with her love; the softness of pillowy clouds that gives us shade; the coolness of the winter breeze that caresses our faces; the lull of summer evenings that hugs us in their embrace. The colours, the warmth and the harmony that we see in nature makes it’s way into our ensembles, in unity.

Our outfits seek to caress you into comfort. Our patterns derive their roots from nature-

The mustard from the sun,
A blade of grass,
Vermillion of the hibiscus and
The smattering of the stars..
Painted on a canvas of silk and string
A pure, bright imagination takes wing...


The flame of passion cannot be extinguished-and two decades down, 1999AD stands testament to it.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step; and as we commenced our creative collaboration in 1999, we first started off by presenting in exhibitions only. Further, we opened a multi-brand designer store named Chemb, in Kolkata. Chemb also housed our in-house pret label along with other designers from around India.

Bolstered by the confidence our clients had in us, and having spotted a need in the couture industry, we finally opened our first flagship store-1999AD by Amita & Deepak, seven years ago.

Today, 1999AD features collections in ready-to-wear, pret, resort wear, occasion wear as well as couture. Our foray into bridal wear is an evolution of our brand- onward and upward.
The joy of empowering our clientele with fully customizable clothing, and our karigars with a future they could believe in, is unparalleled.

Who We Are

We are the karigars- who sew the stars into our ensembles with love and skill.

We are,

Who We Are

Amita and Deepak - Designers and Co-founders of the brand,
Abhisri – Ecommerce Head, and
Vipanci – Production Head

1999AD empowers the families of Indian craftsmen and women by providing vocational training and employment to them.
It gives us immense joy to know that a 100 families benefit from our passion.
A needle weaves its way Through silks, sequins and loops Marrying unknown strangers Into happily ‘ever-afters’
Our ensembles have given us a family, tightly knit together.